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Sharing your Figures with others

13 May 2014

Instead of e-mailing your PI a pdf or tiff of your figure, you can share figures you’ve created in OMERO.figure by saving a file and sending them the url.

OMERO has ‘groups’ of users and the permissions of each group can be set to allow other group members to view each other’s data.

In this case, other members of your group will be able to see your figures via a url. If they have permission to view it they can simply follow the link, log-in and view the figure. Collaborators in your groups can also go to the File > Open dialog in OMERO.figure and browse available files there.

They will be able to explore and edit your figure in the same way as you can, but will not be able to save their changes. However, they will be able to save thier own copy of the figure.