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Release: 1.0.0-beta2

25 Jun 2014

This release of OMERO.figure includes a number of minor bug fixes and some small feature additions. The following are the most significant:

New Features:

  • When a figure panel is selected, the Info tab at the right will contain a link to the image in webclient, so that you can find where every image comes from.
  • The list of files in the File > Open dialog can now be searched by text entered into a filter field. You can also choose to only show files owened by a particular user.

Bug Fixes:

  • Installation of OMERO.figure with OMERO.web deployed under a url prefix, E.g. server/omero/webclient was not working previously but has not been fixed and tested (see previous blog post).
  • If a panel was stretched vertically, and the viewer was zoomed and panned off-centre, the offset was displayed incorrectly in the figure. In this rare scenario, the bug in the web viewer was only noticeable when the figure was exported to PDF. The fix means that affected figures will appear differently when OMERO.figure is updated.

Grab the release from the OMERO.figure 1.0.0-beta2 download page.