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Preparing for OMERO.figure releases

20 Jan 2015

I don’t have a fixed release timetable for OMERO.figure, but I try to work on it when I can and release as soon as there’s enough features to justify it. Since I’ve recently added functionality for cropping panels to ROIs, multi-page figures, scalebar labels and resize by magnification, it’s time to start preparing for the next release, which I expect will be 1.1.

Release candidate build

We can build and deploy the current ‘develop’ branch to a testing server using a continuous integration job at to allow all team members to test the release candidate.

Testing scenarios

The OMERO project has an extensive series of testing scenarios that describe how each feature of the application can be manually tested. These have been extended with a comprehensive set of tests for OMERO.figure. Testing scenarios for the new features will need to be added to the suite and then the complete release testing can begin. This disciplined approach ensures that there are no gaps in the testing and allows the testing to be split up among multiple team members if needed.

Youtube videos

Preparing video demonstrations is a good way to document new features. Even though the youtube viewing figures for existing videos have been a little disappointing, I’m still going to continue the exercise for future releases because it helps me find bugs. When developing the application, you tend to simply test the funtionality of a single button or edit at a time. It’s only when you try to demonstrate the finished feature as part of a realistic scenario that you find flaws or bugs in the workflow.

Bug fixing

Both of the above exercises will likely find a number of bugs or issues that need addressing and retesting. Hopefully the whole process will proceed smoothly and you can look forward to another OMERO.figure release in the near future.