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OMERO.figure demo app: How it works and how to use it

12 Oct 2015

If you want to try using OMERO.figure without installing the app or the OMERO server, you can simply visit the demo site at

So how does the demo work, and what OMERO server does it use?

OMERO.figure overview

OMERO.figure is basically a bunch of html and javascript that runs in your browser, getting data and images from an OMERO server.

It can also use the OMERO server to save the figure file and export the figure as PDF or TIFF files.

OMERO.figure reads image data from OMERO, and can save figure files and PDFs

However, OMERO.figure doesn’t have to get data from its own “host” OMERO server. It can get data from any OMERO server that is available to you on the internet (either you are logged in or the OMERO server is a public repository).

The demo app reads image data from the OMERO-based JCB DataViewer

The demo app doesn’t have its own OMERO server. The html and javascript simply come from the figure.openmicroscopy web site. The demo app instead gets its OMERO images and metadata from the JCB DataViewer, which is a public image repository built with OMERO.

The JCB DataViewer provides public image data and image rendering, but doesn’t support saving of figure files or export of figures to PDF / TIFF.

Using OMERO.figure demo app

The demo app works in exactly the same way as the regular OMERO.figure app, with a couple of differences:

  • You can’t save or export figures (as described above).
  • File > Open uses a small number of example figures saved within the app itself. You can edit these but not save changes.
  • Images are added from JCB DataViewer or other public OMERO repositories as shown below:

Adding images from JCB DataViewer to OMERO.figure demo app

In fact, it’s not just the demo app that can add images from publicly available OMERO servers. The regular OMERO.figure also has this feature (in case you want to do that).

Enjoy using the demo app. And watch this space for new ROI features soon, ahead of their release in OMERO.figure 1.2.0.