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Release: 1.2.0

24 Nov 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of OMERO.figure 1.2.0. This release introduces support for illustrative ROIs on figure panels.

NB: ROIs drawn in OMERO.figure cannot yet be saved as new ROIs on the OMERO server and it is not yet possible to load ROIs from OMERO to use in OMERO.figure.

Key features

  • ROIs can be drawn on individual panels
  • Currently supports rectangle, line, arrow and ellipse
  • ROIs can be copied and pasted between panels
  • Rectangles can be pasted as a crop region on another panel

Many of the new ROI features and workflows are described in the previous blog post and a full demonstration of these new features can be viewed below:

Known Issues

  • The ROI viewer for drawing and editing ROIs does not support rotated image panels. Therefore, rotated panels are displayed without rotation while adding ROIs in the ROI viewer.
  • Rectangle ROIs cannot be rotated. Therefore, crop regions from rotated images will lose their rotation when pasted to create ROI rectangles.
  • ROIs extending outside of panels are not cropped to the panel when exported to PDF.
  • Some of these issues are demonstrated in the video above.

Grab the release from the OMERO.figure 1.2.0 download page.