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Release: 3.1.0

28 Jun 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of OMERO.figure 3.1.0.

NB: If upgrading from before 3.0.0, please read the release notes for 3.0.0 about switching to installation via PyPI.

New features in OMERO.figure 3.1.0:

  • Support for italics and bold in panel labels using markdown syntax (PR #209).
  • Export of figures as new OMERO Images (each figure page creates a new OMERO Image) (PR #210).
  • Set the background colour of figure pages (PR #211).
  • Support for Reverse (Inverted) Intensity (PR #219).
  • Allow scripting of various changes to the figure from the browser devtools console. See (PR #216) for examples.
  • Format the json in saved files to be more human readable (PR #212).

Bug fixes and cleanup include:

  • Fix slider range issue when min pixel intensity is greater than 9999 (PR #213).
  • Remove unused dependencies (PR #223).